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    Updated on Jun 2, 2019. Posted on Jun 7, 2016

    15 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Truly Addicted To Carbs

    Suck it, salad.

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    1. Whenever you're in line to buy food, you skip right by the salad section and go straight for the carbs.

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    Especially if those carbs are deep-fried.

    2. At food courts, you can never decide whether to eat junk food, pizza, burgers, junk food, BBQ, fries, or junk food.

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    Sometimes it's like your eyes don't even see the salad bar or natural food stands.

    3. When people ask when you last ate any veggies, you have to actually really try hard to remember.

    4. And you know that there's a whole world of sweet foods out there other than candy. Screw candy.

    5. And when you open your cabinet to grab some snack food, it's like looking upon a beautiful work of art.

    6. And your heart sinks when the only thing you have for breakfast is yogurt and fruit.

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    How are we supposed to keep from passing out for 12 hours without some bread to start the day?

    7. Nothing is more comfortable, nice, warm, and tasty than a nice plate of heavy carbs.

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    8. For you, soup is just an APPETIZER.

    9. Nothing feels better than a nice crunchy snack, and the only thing that gives you the crunchiness you crave is carbs.

    10. And let's not neglect CARBS IN LIQUID FORM: BEER!


    12. Bars are some of the best places on the planet, because in addition to the drinks, you can always be sure you'll have a wonderful selection of carb-heavy bar food to choose from.

    13. And a day in the life of a carb addict is not complete without an AFTERNOON SNACK.

    14. And NOTHING is more satisfying than a meal that's 100% carbs.

    Hello, pasta!

    15. Obviously, at the end of the week you've got to order a pizza... otherwise it's not the weekend.