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    Jul 30, 2015

    This 2008 Hayden Panettiere & Sebastian Stan Music Video Will Teach You How To Keep A Man

    Have your phone handy. He needs a "Wake Up Call."

    Imagine you're out in the club and you see your man's eye wandering. What do you do?

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    Your man is probably not Captain America's Sebastian Stan, but we can imagine, can't we?

    Luckily, Hayden Panettiere's short-lived pop career gave us all the answers with the 2008 classic "Wake Up Call."

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    1. Give him a wake up call.

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    If your man does not buy you flowers or drinks, then he needs a WAKE UP CALL. He should be spending money on you.

    2. You gotta do wrong to get his attention.

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    Like, dumping out the contents of your purse in a public space. That should work.

    3. Call this man up!

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    Wait, I thought the wake up call was metaphorical? Does it require a literal phone call? Because if someone were to call me instead of texting me I'd decline that shit so fast.

    4. Cheat on him.

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    Looks like someone's been watching the 2001 Vivica A. Fox classic Two Can Play That Game!

    5. Apply lipstick and put on a wig.

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    You should always pretend you're Sydney Bristow when showing a man what he's missing.

    6. Put a little black dress on, go out to the club, and dance with someone.

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    If your man notices you, he won't even know it's you! That's how good a wig and lipstick disguise are.

    7. Grind on a disco ball.

    Hollywood Records / Via

    This move should be self-explanatory.

    8. Put on a hoodie.

    Hollywood Records / Via

    Only put on a threatening hoodie and skulk around in public places if you're a white female, however, I can't stress this enough.

    9. Krump like no one's watching.

    Hollywood Records / Via

    Got cut from So You Think You Can Dance in the first round? Put those moves to good use here!

    10. Throw a concert to let him see how popular you are...

    Hollywood Records / Via

    He may have thots, but you've got fans!

    11. Then just leave him at the bar. Because no man is worth degrading yourself.

    Hollywood Records / Via

    Not even beautiful, beautiful Sebastian Stan.

    Hollywood Records / Via

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