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14 Things That Lasted Longer Than The Confederacy

There's an awful lot of debate swirling around about the legacy of a flag that was at mast for all of four years and three months.

The Confederate States of America were formed in February 4, 1861 and the last Confederate army surrendered on May 5, 1865.

Here's a list of things that lasted longer than the history the Confederate flag represents:

1. Party of Five

2. Ghostbusters Cereal

3. The Microsoft Zune

4. LFO

5. Total Request Live

6. Vince & Larry, the Crash Test Dummies

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Lasted: 14 years

7. Original New York Seltzer

8. Eek! The Cat

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Lasted: 5 years

9. Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt's Marriage

10. The Recording of Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy

11. Squeezeits

12. LaTavia Roberson & LeToya Luckett's Tenure in Destiny's Child

13. Teen People

14. The Amount of Time The Cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 Spent in High School

Lasted: 5 years (The crew were juniors during the first season, but retconned to having been sophomores in season 2)