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    Taco Bell Just Started A Fight With McDonald's On Twitter

    Shots have been fired.

    Northeast Pennsylvania McDonald’s Twitter account shared a promotion with viewers on April 14. Bring in your Taco Bell breakfast receipt and get a free Egg McMuffin.

    Bring your Taco Bell brkfst receipt into NEPA McD's through 4/17 for a Free Egg McMuffin. 1 per person, per day

    Taco Bell, however, was not lovin' it. They shot back at McDonald's on Twitter by daring them to make the promotion nationwide.

    .@McDonalds Why not make this offer available nationwide?


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    McDonald's new tactic makes sense since their American sales have recently dropped and Taco Bell has urged customers to "Move on from [their] old McDonald's breakfast" in new commercials.

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    But some people are still on Taco Bell's side.

    @tacobell @McDonalds @McDNEPA get em Taco Bell

    @tacobell look at the shade 😂😂😂😂

    Some people didn't find it funny.

    @tacobell @McDonalds @McDNEPA why don't you do this with McDonalds receipts instead of calling them out

    @RatchetRay92 @tacobell @McDonalds childish.

    Taco Bell and McDonad's fighting is like my mom and dad fighting I love them both I can't stand this please feed me.

    Either way, the shade gauntlet has been thrown.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to McDonald's for a comment on this Twitter melee.