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    PSA: Beyoncé Wears A Weave

    It's gorgeous, but it ain't a political statement.

    By now, you've heard that Beyoncé allowed Vogue to take Polaroids of her for their September issue or whatever.

    And of course, since this is Beyoncé, it launched a multitude of feelings on the internet...

    I'm sorry but beyonce's vogue cover looks fuckin unreal😍😍😍😍

    And some thinkpieces...

    Why Beyonce's hair on the latest cover of Vogue is an important political statement

    Except, wait. Stop the track.

    Let me state fact.


    I know you might be shocked.

    But this? Is not her hair.

    Beyoncé has not let you peasants view her real hair, except for maybe ONCE.

    Because this...

    Is not...


    A White writer saw Beyoncé in a wet and wavy weave and felt she was being personally affirmed. Can 2016 hurry?

    Lmao no. The difference between Beyoncé's wet hair and Becky's stringy white hair is that one is a thousand dollar weave

    How you gonna write about a black woman's hair when you don't know anything about the topic? How Sway?

    Also, it's not a political statement, because Beyoncé has literally done this before.

    That Atlantic article is more about Vogue than Beyonce because she has rocked the "wet" look on magazines before.

    An actual act of political awareness is rocking natural hair, which many black women are denigrated for or looked down upon in the workplace for wearing.

    Beyoncé out here just trying to floss and look good.


    Because black women look flawless in and out of weaves.

    But just remember that it IS a weave. A wet one at that.

    And anyone can rock a weave. Anyone.