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29 Times "Goosebumps" Covers Summed Up Gay Dating

Swipe right and die!

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1. When you re-download Tinder in desperation.

2. When you hit up a dude on Grindr less than 250 feet away and he's not interested.

3. When there's too many straight people at a gay bar.

4. When you see straight people hooking up in public.

5. When you see the latest Andrew Christian ad.

6. When you are the only curvy person in a group of twinks.

7. When you're waiting on your booty call to text you back.!.html

8. When he shows up and doesn't look anything like his picture.

9. When you find out he still lives with his parents.

10. When he asks to see nude pics.

11. When you realize his theatre background means DRAAAAAMMMAAAA.

12. When you try to make conversation with a set of abs.

13. When his profile says "whites only."

14. When you're a total top.

15. When you're a total bottom.

16. When he's #masc.

17. When a top wants to hook up and you are NOT prepared to bottom tonight.

18. When he's ready to move in and get married after the first date.

19. When a guy is peddling myths about contracting HIV.

20. When every other gay at the beach looks so damn good because they literally don't eat.

21. When you hook up with a friend and your texts start getting ignored.

22. When he uses his teeth, has an out-of-control gag reflex, or is generally bad at giving blow jobs.

23. When he kisses you after he's been rimming you.

24. When you're feeling insecure about your dick size.

25. When his dick is comically oversize.

26. When you delete Grindr and download Scruff instead.

27. When his body hair is unseasonably thick.

28. When you hear from two of your exes in the same weekend.

29. When you realize you've developed a reputation as a thot.

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