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46 Times "Angel" Completely Destroyed Your Soul

You'll be Angelus by the time you're done reading. SPOILERS.

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1. When Angel finally became human, but had to become a vampire and erase Buffy's memories of their time together.

7. When Gunn and the gang had to turn on Gunn's old gang.

12. When Fred's parents showed up to try and take her back home.

Which just reminded you of the heartbreaking Buffy episode, "The Gift," ALL OVER AGAIN.

18. When Darla showed up carrying Angel's baby.

23. When Angel tried to kill Wesley for kidnapping his son.

24. When Connor returned from a hell dimension, rapidly aged to a teenager, and hated his father.

27. When Cordelia returned with no memories of Angel or her friends.

32. When Faith broke out of prison to save the world from Angelus.

38. When Angel turned into a puppet.

42. When Illyria is the new incarnation of Fred.

43. When this happens.

44. And Illyria is left feeling some type of way.

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