Paris Hilton's Hairography Is Completely Flawless In Her New Music Video

    Get high off her locks.

    Paris Hilton dropped the music video for her new single "High Off My Love" on Friday.

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    Not only is she giving you Madonna's "Justify My Love" remixed...

    With some Britney "1, 2, 3, Peter, Paul, and Mary" for good measure...

    And some Gaga "Judas Juda-aaaaaasssssss"...

    But she is serving some serious hair-ahhhhh-graphy.

    Things start off prim and proper, she's merely a lady-in-waiting.

    Guiding you to her bedroom Serengeti...


    Did she steal Beyoncé's wind machine?!

    Because these locks! Will! Not! Quit!

    After her initial attack, she saunters into her auxiliary boudoir.

    And you discover that when you play the Game of Boudoirs with Paris...

    You win or you get SNATCHED*.

    Yes, Queen Paris will snatch your wig and put it on herself and a few flawless doppelgängers.

    Plumerai la têtes, Paris!