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How To Talk About Celebrities Like Miles Teller

"Oh, for fuck's sake. Joaq?"

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In his interview for the September issue of Esquire, Miles Teller had a lot to say. Like the fact that he literally has four teeth. And that he refers to Joaquin Phoenix as "Joaq."

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In the interview, he talks about actors he admires, saying, "If I'm really homing in on the dramatic performance right now, it's probably Christian Bale or it's Joaq... I just said Joaq. Joaquin Phoenix. I don't know him, but my publicist has repped him since he was, like, seventeen. She repped River, too. So I just hear his name."

Well, if Joaquin Phoenix is "Joaq"... what would Miles Teller call other celebrities? Probably this:


Miles Teller

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Because the one celebrity Miles will never be able to meet is himself. And if he were able to, by some time travel or marvel of future science, he'd have to call him by his full name.

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