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The Complete Guide To "Days Of Our Lives"

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the letters of our lives.

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A is for Aremid

It's Dimera spelled backwards and where Stefano DiMera lured everyone for Jennifer Horton and Peter's Blake's wedding. Jennifer was later terrorized by the villainous Jude St. Clair.


C is for Cameo

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Taylor Walker's mother was killed and her cameo went missing, prompting Taylor to scurry around town saying nothing but "my mother's cameo" for several weeks.

E is for Eugenia's Pension

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Eugenia reluctantly helped Sami with one of her schemes at the hospital and got fired. But not only did she get fired, she lost her PENSION. She never let Sami forget it.

F is for Fancy Face

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The boat that Bo and Hope sailed around the world on.


I is for Isabella Toscano

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The beautiful Isabella Toscano, daughter of Victor Kiriakis, died of cancer in John's arms, but not until after she'd given birth to their son, Brady.

J is for Jarlena

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Aside from Bo and Hope, the most recognizable couple on Days of Our Lives. John and Marlena have been through demonic possessions, kidnappings, Kristen DiMera's schemes, and everything else you can think of.

L is for Lexie Pronouncing People Dead

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What's the one thing all people who've come back from the dead have in common? They were all pronounced dead by Lexie! How did she get that medical license?


M is for Melaswen

Melaswen is "New Salem" backwards. When Marlena was brainwashed into being the Salem Stalker, everyone she killed actually ended up on Melaswen — an island that was an exact replica of the town of Salem.

N is for Nighttime Hope

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Hope started taking sleeping pills and turned into Nighttime Hope, a mugger who bashed the men of Salem in the head in the middle of the night. Kinda like when she was brainwashed into becoming Princess Gina by Stefano.

P is for Phoenix

The emblem of the DiMera family, Stefano refers to himself as the Phoenix because he never dies. Each time Salem thinks he has, he rises, like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Q is for Queen of the Night

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As Stefano's one true obsession, Marlena became his "Queen of the Night" and he frequently kidnapped, brainwashed her, and used her uterus to birth twins Cassie and Rex.


R is for Reed

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Kate Roberts had two kids with the villainous Curtis Reed — Billie and Austin, who went on to have great lives in Salem for years. Her son Lucas is the only one not a Reed of her original three children on the show, he was revealed to be the result of an affair with Bill Horton.

S is for Scarlett O'Hara

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The devious Sami Brady schemed to get Austin away from her sister Carrie for years. One highlight of this was ridiculous proclaiming at the foot of the Kiriakis mansion steps, "God as my witness, I will never lose Austin again!"

Here's hoping that schemer Theresa Donovan gets to do the same.

U is for Underground Tunnels

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Days of Our Lives loves a good underground tunnel. Whether they be the tunnels beneath Paris, Marlena's penthouse, the ones where Lexie was kept, or the tunnels where a gas explosion went off and created the DAYSASTER.

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V is for Victor Kiriakis

Despite being an old school Greek crime boss, Victor Kiriakis is also a loving and fiercely protective family man. He hosted the first gay wedding in Salem in his living room — the marriage between his nephew Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton.

W is for Wedding

Weddings on Days of Our Lives, more often than not, involve secrets being exposed — like Sami's lie about her son's paternity (which led to her sister Carrie punching her), Kristen's sex tape she made after drugging a priest, or Susan impersonating Kristen while marrying John in an Elvis-themed wedding.

X is for Xander Kiriakis

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The villainous Xander Kiriakis, someone not the Alexander Kiriakis we wanted (Sonny's brother), is nonetheless related to Victor and wreaking havoc in Salem.

Z is for Zack Brady

The son of Bo and Hope's that Lexie Carver first kidnapped and raised as her own, Zack was later hit by a car and his death devastated Hope and rocked her marriage with Bo.


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