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49 Thoughts You Have Watching "The O.C." Episode Where Marissa Shoots Trey

Three BuzzFeed writers take a look at this iconic episode of The O.C. that spawned countless memes 10 years ago.

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Remember the iconic moment when Marissa shot Trey on The O.C. and "Mmm, whatcha say?" blared on the soundtrack? If you don’t, it’s OK, because we just rewatched it.

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“The Dearly Beloved" (Season 2, Episode 24) originally aired May 19, 2005. It was written by series creator Josh Schwartz and directed by Ian Toynton.

Kirsten and I reminisced before watching, while Louis prepared to watch The O.C. for the first time:

Kirsten King: This episode is absolutely iconic. Obviously, I owned The O.C. mixtape so I was able to listen to Imogen Heap's "Hide And Seek" and reenact the scene after this aired.

Ira Madison III: Obviously, we're all waiting to get to the "Mmm whatcha say?" moment that launched a million internet memes, but also, this was the second season finale, which means that it involves Kirsten's (Kelly Rowan) Greek drama-level alcoholism.

Louis Peitzman: The sprawling shot of all the OC houses that look the same in the opening credits make me weirdly nostalgic.

Caleb Nichol's Funeral

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Caleb Nichol (Alan Dale) died in the previous episode, leaving his daughter Kirsten Cohen devastated.

Louis: This is one of those older shows where they pretend the adults are more important than the kids.

Ira: Well, they actually had good storylines unlike whatever the hell they had Rufus and Lily constantly doing on Gossip Girl.

Kirsten: Classic Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke) to walk into Marissa’s (Mischa Barton) room and ask what she would look cute in at her newly dead husband’s funeral. Girl could care less Caleb is dead, she's just waiting for that will to come out.

Ira: To be fair, Julie knows that Marissa's brain probably can't handle complex thoughts so why not distract her with shiny clothes?

Kirsten: Remember when this was the last thing Mischa Barton was in and she left to pursue a film career.

Louis: The people who have watched this show keep having to remind me that Julie's husband just died. She seems so carefree.

Kirsten: Julie mourned her husband’s death for a hot sec and then was on-on to the next.

Louis: Melinda Clarke has a face for camp.

Ira: I also kinda forgot that the big Imogen Heap song from the end of the episode plays during the funeral — it's SO DRAMATIC. And kind of out of place?

Louis: Everyone is singing along to the soundtrack and I feel so left out. Compared to Buffy, is Imogen Heap the Sarah McLachlan of The O.C.?

Ira: LOL probably. That random song almost made me laugh during Buffy's second season finale too.

The Intervention

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Kirsten's drinking gets OOC and so her family throws an impromptu intervention.

Kirsten: OK, for starters, the pronunciation of "Kirsten" on this show is the reason everyone pronounces my name wrong.

Ira: Ok girl, I'm very proud of you for bringing this important struggle to light. Anyway, Kirsten's drinking is dramatic as hell. Wandering around the house in her pajamas drinking and probably popping Xanax like she's gearing up for a Real Housewives reunion taping.

Kirsten: “So if she’s drinking, we ask her to stop.” – Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) knows a lot about alcoholism.

Louis: You will know someone is an alcoholic when you see them carrying around an entire bottle of vodka at a wake. It's always that obvious.

Ira: And then Sandy (Peter Gallagher) asks Summer (Rachel Bilson) to talk to Kirsten while she's drinking at the wake.

Louis: Do not give your boyfriend's mom advice on drinking.

Kirsten: Yeah if I was Summer I'd prob be pouring KiKi a shot, tbh. Anything to get that future mother-in-law stamp of approval.

Ira: I don't think Sandy read the rehab pamphlet all the way through. From how he's telling the kids to this impromptu intervention, like, was there any planning here at all?

Louis: I feel like interventions need a little more prep work. Also the group hug happened very fast!

Kirsten: Um, Kirsten is probably like, fuck this group hug right now you bitches just put me through an intervention.

Louis: That rehab is nice af.

Ira: Actually yeah, I'd go to rehab if I got to lounge in that paradise.

Summer and Seth's Pony Time

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Summer and Seth find some time for melancholy romance amidst all the intervention drama.

Louis: Adam Brody is reading Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs and I'm weirdly turned off.

Ira: This is actually the episode that made Chuck Klosterman my favorite author during high school and college.

Louis: Summer makes a Legends in the Fall reference — I am sucked back in. God bless Dawson's Creek for making us think teenagers talk like this.

Kirsten: OK but Princess Sparkle and Captain Oats are my second fave love story (next to Seth and Summer) on this show. So, let's leave them out of this.

Trey And This Random Heffa

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Trey (Logan Marshall), Ryan's (Ben McKenzie) brother, is a criminal and all-around asshole.

Kirsten: Jess (Nikki Griffin) kissing Trey is too similar to the Drake/Madonna kiss. She might have just sucked his soul out of his body Dementor style.

Ira: I'd definitely do a lot more than that to Trey tho.

Louis: Trey and Jess and their bad softcore porn dialogue. I know he's supposed to be evil but I love that guy from Prometheus.

Kirsten: Why is Trey always dressed like a gas station attendant?

Ira: Also, this whole "drug dealing" storyline is the height of ridiculous. You wouldn't even see this shit on 21 Jump Street reruns.

Louis: Are the only POC on this show gangsters?

Ira: Pretty much. Except for Ryan's pregnant ex-girlfriend from last season, I guess.


Warner Bros.


Kirsten: So the last episode, to catch up, Trey sexually assaults Marisa on the beach and tries to rape her.

Ira: And Marissa keeps it to herself, until her boyfriend finds out and can go punch things, because teen shows always go that route. I think it's time we switched up how we present rape in TV shows.

Kirsten: Seth to Ryan: "Before I tell you, you gotta promise you're going to stay calm." Yeah that's not gonna happen.

Louis: Famous last words. Also this is the bro-iest description of sexual assault.

Ira: All the mumbling and the "he kinda like, assaulted her, and..." DUDE. JUST SAY SHE WAS ALMOST RAPED. But anyway, Ryan finds out about Marissa and goes off to be a white knight and if I knew anything about Chekov's Gun in high school, I would've known someone was getting shot during this episode.

Kirsten: Trey looks at Marisa after she shoots him like, "Girl I didn't think you had it in you."

Kirsten: The timing of the Imogen Heap song is iconic.


Ira: The best thing that has ever happened ever, is what it is. And the inspiration behind one of the best SNL sketches ever.

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Final Thoughts

Ira: The build-up to the shooting is less dramatic than I remember. Kirsten's drinking storyline gets wrapped up horribly and everything involving the drug deal is teen soap opera at its worst. But the ending makes it all worth it.

Kirsten: Honestly, this episode of The O.C is unforgettable. You've got the Ryan/Trey drama going on, and the Seth/Summer, Ryan/Marisa love stories are in full-swing. A+ episode, overall.

Ira: I think I like the funnier episodes from the first and the fourth season, but I will admit this was all I talked about during the summer of 2005.


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