21 Times Nancy Drew Summed Up Being On Santa's Naughty List

    Who you calling a ho ho ho?

    1. When you skip buying presents for your family because you had to get those Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses.

    2. When you're deleting texts so he can't see what you said about his small penis.

    3. When you are feeling your look, but that outfit is going back to the store after you wear it.

    4. When you put on Petey Pablo's "Freek-a-Leek" and let him hit in from the back.

    5. When he's got a girlfriend but you want them free drinks at the bar.

    6. When you're dating him for his money.

    7. When you start a fight just to get a better Christmas present.

    8. When you skip Christmas with the family for a tropical vacation.

    9. Conversely, when you have to LIE to your parents about that tropical vacation you're on with your man.

    10. When you got some dick on the side.

    11. When you get real raunchy with the sexting.

    12. When you Instagram photos while sailing just to make bitches jealous.

    13. When you turn the camera on during sex.

    14. When the sex is so bomb you put his ass to sleep.

    15. When you know he's a ho, but you like a bad boy.

    16. When you hook up with a guy on a European vacation.

    17. When you go to the gym just to scope out the hotties.

    18. When he's like, how many guys HAVE you slept with and you're like, "This week?"

    19. When he finds out you've been giving out his HBO Go password.

    20. When you wait until you're dating someone else before you break up with him.

    21. When you make sure there's none for Gretchen Wieners.