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"Midnighter" Is The Gay Comic Book You've Been Waiting For

Openly gay superhero Midnighter uses Grindr and saves the world at the same time.

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The first issue of DC's new superhero comic Midnighter debuted last week.

DC Comics

It stars Midnighter, a former member of the superhero team the Authority. The character was originally created in 1998 by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. He's also a gay superhero.

Warren Ellis is most famous for Transmetropolitan and Hellblazer..
DC Comics / Wildstorm

Warren Ellis is most famous for Transmetropolitan and Hellblazer..

Midnighter is the hero's latest solo series since the original was canceled in 2008. This new version is scripted by queer writer Steve Orlando and aims to update Midnighter for a modern audience.

DC Comics
DC Comics

"Thirteen-year-old Steve read [the original Midnighter], and it broke my conceptions of what you could be like back when you didn’t have a lot of role models in mainstream media. He led his life differently, with zero fucks to give about what anyone else thought. One could say thatMidnighter created me," Orlando told BuzzFeed.

Gay media has inspired Orlando and he's excited to bring more to the table:


"Arliss Howard in [the now-canceled AMC series] Rubicon was a beautifully integrated gay character, and I really loved Weekend [a film by Andrew Haigh, creator of HBO's Looking], which I thought was wonderfully subdued and bucked a lot of trends. I love to see things that integrate gay themes and characters without highlighting them as different."

Just like other gay men today, Midnighter uses dating apps.

One of the best part's of @thesteveorlando's Midnighter #1 was peeking the hero's grindr/scruff profile.

Orlando told BuzzFeed that his approach is "not fetishizing or making taboo things about the queer community — doing an action book that stars a gay male lead, and not a gay book that has some action it. The narrative has to be true to the characters. If you have a book that’s overly highlighting things, you’re saying it needs to be pointed out and it's not natural."

Midnighter also has an active sex life.

Midnighter's new relationship (after splitting with superhero Apollo) is with a black man named Jason. And with the book taking place in Oakland, Midnighter will not shy away from diversity. Orlando told BuzzFeed, "I think diversity is important. The job of comics is to give someone that 'wow' moment where they believe they can be part of the superhero myth. In the '30s it was immigrants and Superman, the '60s with the X-Men, younger readers now with Batgirl, etc." Orlando wants to give readers the chance to say, "Here’s a little bit of wonder than belongs to me."

All the while saving the world from supervillains.

DC Comics

And reader response has been positive:

Midnighter is the only thing I care about in DC Comics right now. I NEED.

Midnighter 1 is a fantastic first issue. Great introduction to the character from @thesteveorlando and gorgeous artwork from ACO and Fajardo

totally freaking out that everything is happening for @thesteveorlando. Midnighter #1 is out today, it's getting great reviews, you go grl.

Midnighter #1 is now available in stores.

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