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How The Killer From MTV's "Scream" Stacks Up Against The Movies

MTV's Scream series revealed its "Ghostface" in the season finale. How did the reveal stack up against the movies? SPOILERS AHEAD.

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During its season finale on Tuesday, Scream finally revealed what a handful of people were desperate to know. Who is the killer?


Granted, this killer is not Ghostface like in the film franchise, but a mask of "Brandon James," a deranged killer who sliced up high school students in the town of Lakewood in the ’90s... but it's almost the same thing.

As it turns out, it was Lakewood's very own Sarah Koenig, Piper Shaw!


A murderous podcaster is SO fresh that even Law & Order: Special Victims Unit hasn't crossed that rubicon.

But how does she stack up against the famed killers of the Scream films? Let's find out!



Billy Loomis

Dimension Films

Things Piper Did Better: Never suspected of the murders by the characters (by the audience is another story, since Piper was obviously the killer from her first appearance).

Things Billy Did Better: He integrated himself into Sidney Prescott's life better than Piper did with Emma. Plus, he managed to get arrested for the murders and released without anyone suspecting he was murdering his classmates. Never mind the fact that sleeping with Sidney just before faking his death, then crashing down her entire world is A+++.

Who Wins? Billy

Stu Macher

Dimension Films

Things Piper Did Better: She didn't get stabbed to near death by her partner, for one. Plus, she was in control. She wasn't anyone's second-in-command.

Things Stu Did Better: He just has a better sense of humor than Piper. As a character, she was often bland and spitting out exposition. Stu was interesting when he wasn't a killer and ever funnier when the reveal came.

Who Wins? Stu

Scream 2:

Mickey Altieri

Dimension Films / Via

Things Piper Did Better: Didn't get shot in the chest by her partner. Didn't have to sit through a film class with Randy Meeks.

Things Mickey Did Better: I'll give him points for motive, but he pales in comparison to his partner in this film, which is still the series' best reveal ever.

Who Wins? Piper

Debbie "Mrs. Loomis" Salt

Dimension Films / Via

Things Piper Did Better: Worked for her own podcast instead of some podunk newspaper. Didn't get dragged by Gale Weathers every five seconds.

Things Mrs. Loomis Did Better: EVERYTHING. This reveal was insane. Debbie was hilarious as Gale's pseudo-stalker but even better when revealed as Billy's mom. Plus her motivation is pretty much the best since Mrs. Voorhees in Friday the 13th. Mrs. Loomis da Gawd.

Who Wins? Mrs. Loomis

Scream 3:

Roman Bridger

Dimension Films / Via

Things Piper Did Better: Her backstory is basically the same as Roman's, but it's far less convoluted. And she didn't turn into a mustache-twirling psycho in her final moments.

Things Roman Did Better: Roman's motivations — he's Sidney's half-brother shunned by their mother — completely retcon the first movie and make no damn sense. Plus he's the only death that happened offscreen, so duh, he was obviously the killer.

Who Wins? Piper

Scream 4:

Charlie Walker

Dimension Films / Via

Things Piper Did Better: Her wig is beter than whatever that thing on Charlie's head is.

Things Charlie Did Better: LOL, who?

Who Wins? Piper

Jill Roberts

Dimension Films

Things Piper Did Better: She had more inventive deaths than Jill, I'll give her that.

Things Jill Did Better: She offed her fucking mom. Plus, her motivation of wanting to merely be FAMOUS is one of the most hysterical moments in the franchise. I went to see Scream 4 twice in theaters for that scene alone. She also managed to hack up a bunch of her classmates in the final "everyone's running around an empty house" scene, unlike Piper who literally left like 20 people alive.

Who Wins? Jill

Congrats, Piper! You're the fifth-best killer in the Scream franchise!


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