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“Hunger Games” Star Amandla Stenberg Blasted Cultural Appropriation On Kylie Jenner's Instagram

Amandla accused Kylie of cultural appropriation while using the ironic hashtag #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter. Update: Justin Bieber jumped in to defend Kylie.

Sixteen-year-old actress Amandla Stenberg, known for her part as Rue in The Hunger Games, is no stranger to calling out cultural appropriation.

She has criticized white celebrities' cultural appropriation of black women's hairstyles before, wondering: “What would America be like if it loved black people as much as it loves black culture?”

So when Kylie Jenner rocked cornrows in a new Instagram photo uploaded on Saturday, using the caption: "I woke up like disss," some might have expected a response from Amandla.

Unfortunately, Kylie's new hair also coincided with the trending hashtag #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter on Twitter.

#WhiteGirlsDoItBetter trending? what the hell? ladies...

The hashtag was met with pushback due to claims of its racial insensitivity.

Only racists could make a racist hashtag and then accuse the victims of racism when they defend themselves. #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter

So when someone commented #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter on Kylie's Instagram, Amandla jumped in with a response.

when u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter

Kylie attemped a clapback with:

Who wouldn't want to hang out with Jaden Smith, though?

Update: After the spat between the two ladies went viral, Justin Bieber went to Kylie's Instagram to defend her.