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22 Times "Sweet Valley High" Covers Summed Up Sex In Your Twenties

You're a Jessica in the sheets and an Elizabeth in the streets.

1. When you're trying to pick the right filter for your Tinder photo.

2. When he's hot until you actually read his dating profile.

3. When you say "hello" and he responds with an unsolicited dick pic.

4. When you're like, "Gay or European?"

5. When you're stressed out about your first date.

6. When you waste a bunch of money on a friend's wedding and don't even get laid.

7. When you embrace your inner thot.

8. When you're on top.

9. When he wants you to rim him.

10. When he wants to toss YOUR salad like his name is Romaine.

11. When you're about to give him head and he hasn't shaved his pubes.

12. When the only phrase you remember from French class is "ménage à trois."

13. When he ties you up like Christian Grey.

14. When you dress him up to meet the parents.

15. When the condom breaks.

16. When he gets a text in the middle of the night from a former bae.

17. When you fantasize about Prince Harry, or Harry Styles, who's basically royalty anyway.

18. When you don't feel like putting in the effort for sex, so you just watch guy on guy porn.

19. When you realize he's turning you into his ex.

20. When you have to decide between good sex and a shitty boyfriend.

21. When you catch a glimpse of your one night stand in the harsh light of day.

22. When you finally find "the one" and the sex is too bomb.

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