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If Olivia Pope Was On "Friends"

If you want Olivia to be there for you, you have to EARN her!

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1. The One Where Olivia Thinks Unagi Is Another Classified B6-13 Mission

2. The One Where Huck Visits And Kills Ross For Shouting "Pivot!" Too Damn Much

3. The One Where Ross Becomes Olivia's Client After He Kills His Boss For Eating His Sandwich

4. The One Where Fitz Keeps Texting Olivia That She's His Lobster

5. The One Where Olivia Unravels the Conspiracy Behind Monica & Chandler's Secret Relationship

6. The One Where Olivia Has Her Team Look Into The Origins Of Phoebe's New Apothecary Table

7. The One Where Olivia Realizes Rachel's Neighbor Has Been Murdered Thanks To All Of The Unclaimed Cheesecakes

8. The One Where The Only Food Olivia Likes Monica Cooking For Her Is Popcorn

9. The One Where The Big Twist Is #WhoIsMrsChanandlerBong

10. The One Where The Boys Realize Olivia Is Hustling Them When She Shows Up To Poker Wearing Her "Poker Hat"


11. The One Where Ross Is Horrible At Doing Things Undercover In His Leather Pants

12. The One Where A '70s, Funk Rendition Of "Smelly Cat" Scores A Scene Of Pope & Associates Gathering Information

13. The One Where Olivia Represents Emily When She Attempts To Murder Rachel

14. The One Where The Fake Monica Is A Russian Spy

15. The One Where Olivia Figures Out Who's Been Spying On George Stephanopoulos

16. The One Where Will Colbert Is Publishing A Tell-All Memoir About Rachel

17. The One Where Ursula Pretends To Be Phoebe To Distract Terrorists

18. The One Where Daddy Pope Steals Olivia's Embryos To Keep Her From Having A Child With Fitz, Or Jake, Or Anyone At All, Really

19. The One Where Olivia Thinks Ross' New Tan Is Blackface

20. The One Where The Press Is Running A Story On Joey And Ross Being "Nap Partners"

21. The One Where Olivia Sues Days Of Our Lives For A Storyline About Dr. Drake Ramoray Dating A Woman Named Bolivia Cardinal

23. The One Where Fitz Gets Shot In The Head Again And Joey Suggests A Brain Transplant

24. The One Where Phoebe & Huck Use A Birthing Video As A Torture Device

25. The One Where Olivia Side-Eyes Rachel At Prom When She Suggests Hiring Tag At Pope & Associates

26. The One Where Olivia Tells Chandler Not To Hide Government Secrets In A Mrs. Pac Man Arcade Game

27. The One Where B6-13 Dissolves And Is Replaced By The Far More Nefarious Organization — Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E.

28. The One Where Chandler Suffers PTSD And Lives In A Cardboard Box

29. The One Where Mama Pope Gets The Idea To Build An Evil Robot From Jane Eyre

30. The One Where Someone Tries Poisoning Chandler's Gum

31. The One Where "Baby Got Back" Is Used To Brainwash Ross & Rachel's Baby Into An Assassin

32. The One Where David Rosen Digs Up The Truth About What Happened On "The Break"

33. The One Where Everyone Asks Olivia To Stop Joey & Rachel's Relationship Before It Can Start