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If Blair Waldorf And Seth Cohen Actually Had A Baby

The ultimate TV crossover.

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So Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are having a baby.

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Which is ALMOST like Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen having a baby!

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Can you image what that would even be like? Because I did:

1. Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass divorce. They remarry, of course, but just because they've exchanged vows doesn't mean their relationship will be any less tumultuous.

2. Seth and Summer visit New York.

Warner Bros.

3. Seth is publishing his first novel and Dan is his editor because for some reason, people keep hiring Dan to write and edit things.

The CW

4. Serena finally realizes that Dan is a sociopath because he's still Gossip Girl years later and it's creepy to be an adult blogging about teenagers.

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5. Dan wants to find a new muse, so he sets his sights on Summer.

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6. Of course to do so, he plants a story that Seth is having an affair with recently divorced fashion designer Blair Waldorf.

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7. Seth and Summer fight and she returns to California, ruining Dan's plans, but he never really thinks his schemes through so this was expected.

8. Seth has to remain in New York to finish his book press tour.

Warner Bros.

9. Blair confronts Seth, thinking he planted the story in order to create buzz for himself.

10. During their fight, there are sparks between them.

11. Blair and Seth resist all summer, but they have a fling.

12. Blair regrets her fling and returns to Chuck.

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13. Seth ends the press tour early and returns to California.

Warner Bros.

14. Blair finds out Dan planted the story about her and has him blackballed.

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15. Blair and Chuck get remarried, but...

The CW

16. A vengeful Dan interrupts with the news that Blair is pregnant with Seth's baby.

17. Blair and Chuck keep the baby a secret and claim that it's theirs publicly.

The CW / Via

18. Dan tells Seth about the baby, who keeps it from Summer.

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19. Ryan urges Seth to tell Summer the truth.

Warner Bros.

20. Years later, Dan is still petty as hell, so he tells Blair and Chuck's teenage daughter that Chuck isn't her father.

The CW / Via

21. Audrey Waldorf-Bass goes to California to meet her real father...

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Because isn't Hailee Steinfeld the perfect blend of Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen's genes?

22. And sets her sights on the dad af Uncle Ryan in the process...

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23. Because of course, a girl with the charm of Seth Cohen and the scheming wit of Blair Waldorf always gets what she wants.

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