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Can We Guess If You're Allowed To Say The N-Word At A Rap Concert?

I mean, how else are you supposed to sing along?

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During Drake's Coachella set on Sunday, viewers were shocked to find white people on the live stream singing along to the n-word.

And people watching the live stream had a collective:

Geffen Records / Via

Funniest part of Drake's set last night were the white people around me checking in to see if they could sing the n-word. Ya'll. #Coachella

The others are taking advantage of this n-word opportunity singing along to drake tonight 😂#Coachella


But to anyone who's attended a hip-hop concert, this is not an uncommon occurrence.


It's always awkward for me at concerts when someone white says the n-word and gives me that "It's only the song" look.

In fact, hip-hop concerts are the one place where white people seem to feel REAL comfortable saying the n-word.

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So let's settle this once and for all!

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