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An Open Letter To Hulu From An American Visiting The UK

Now I know what started the Revolutionary War.

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Dear Hulu. We need to talk.


For those of you who don't know*, Hulu is a TV streaming service.



It's like Netflix, only in addition to former shows, it also airs next-day broadcasts of programming currently airing in the United States.

CBS Television / Via

So I get to catch up on whatever the hell Olivia Pope is up to the morning after Scandal airs.

Or I can spend my lunch break with daily viewings of Days Of Our Lives.

So when I hopped on a plane Monday night from Los Angeles to London, I knew I'd be missing the Jane the Virgin finale...

But I'd just watch it in the morning!


Sony Pictures Television / Via


Did I do something wrong? Am I under attack?


Was I supposed to declare my Hulu account at customs?!

Paramount Pictures

You know, I already pay a monthly fee to STILL get commercials. So this is just rude.

I guess we can watch British shows on Hulu like Misfits, but you won't even let me enjoy my television in peace overseas.

Clerkenwell Films / Via

I'd love to be able to say I'm going to cancel my subscription and never look back...

Cash Money / Via

But you already know I'll go back to watching it once I'm in the States again.

NBC Universal / Via

Signed, TV-less in Tea Country.

Disney / Via

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