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    27 Things People Who Went To High School In Sunnydale Will Understand

    High school wasn't always hell, but it was on a Hellmouth.

    1. You never wanted to be a cheerleader, because they tended to burst into flames.

    2. You never had to worry about boring school lunches.

    3. You were on a first-name basis with the skeleton in science class.

    4. Your health teacher went overboard with the whole "carry around eggs as babies" assignment.

    5. Your computer games were waaay more advanced than Number Munchers.

    6. You literally never understood what people performed at the talent show.

    7. There was basically two styles — goth and prep.


    9. Gym class was a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.

    10. Mom was always embarrassing you at a party.

    11. And everyone's parents had creepy-ass art on their walls.

    12. Your computer science teacher never wanted to talk about science and instead was always burning sage in class.

    13. The candy you had to sell NEVER tasted good.

    14. You never wanted to host a foreign exchange student.

    15. You can accessorize a dress with a crossbow, no problem.

    16. The fight for Homecoming Queen got brutal as hell.

    17. Everyone got WAY too into their Halloween costumes.

    18. There was always that one girl who took Valentine's Day too seriously.

    19. And then there were people who HATED Valentine's Day.

    20. As fun as it sounded, mini golf with your friends on the weekend was NEVER fun.

    21. Someone always showed up to school in a hand-me-down car calling it "vintage."

    22. You realized that your school probably needed metal detectors.

    23. But then again, the police were already on campus 24/7.

    24. After-school jobs were the worst.

    25. You weren't used to diversity in classes, because the black students always ended up killed.

    26. If you didn't die, you couldn't WAIT for graduation day to come so you could get the hell out of Sunnydale.

    27. But graduation was actually the worst, because it meant you were saying goodbye to all your great memories from the past four years.

    Sunnydale High forever.