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19 Things All Unfriendly Black Hotties Know To Be True

You really can't sit with us.

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4. You arrive to things on your own time.

Um, the party was scheduled to start at your arrival.

5. People think you're a fun ruiner because you won't abide white people dancing on the 1 and the 3.

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Pretty sure the song has a beat for a reason. Can we dance on it?

8. People interpret your self-confidence as mean and unfriendly, unless you're a white male CEO being interviewed for a magazine profile.

Sorry for believing in myself but we don't all have an audience to clap for us, Tinkerbell.

11. People acting like if they touch your hair, they'd be perfectly okay with you reaching into their Herbal Essence of Dead Leaves and Curls.

13. People constantly refer to Africa like it's one big place, but damn if you fail the European map round of Carmen Sandiego.

14. When people are like, "why do all you black people hang out in a group together?" And you're like, "Don't white people... also..."

Isn't "white people hanging out with no black people" literally what the writing of the Constitution was about...

17. When people whisper in your ear that ALL lives matter, not just black ones, and you're like, do you need a house to fall on you witch?

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