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    17 Horrifying Cheating Stories That Will Make You Want To Stay Single Forever

    Because how long until you're immune to that ointment your doctor recommended?

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the times they discovered they were being cheated on. Here are the horrific results.


    1. Submitted by eli55

    I wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend who I had been dating for a year. I asked his friend if he would help me with the planning and he gives me this weird look and says, "Yes, I'll help you but I think he has other plans with his girlfriend." I just stood there and he says, "I thought you guys broke up since he started dating a new girl."

    2. Submitted by Preeti Prakash (via Facebook)

    I'm a Disney employee. He had asked me to get him Disney tickets so he could "take his little sister for her birthday." Turns out he was taking the other woman... Guess who saw me and ran for it during my shift? Happiest place on Earth my ass.

    3. Submitted by Amelia Hanna (via Facebook)

    We were high school sweethearts that went off to different colleges. He came to visit me one weekend, and forgot to logout of Facebook on my computer before he left. I accidently stumbled upon his inbox and found explicit messages from a girl from his school. The messages included, "When are you going to break up with her?" and "That rim job last night was sooooo good babe!!!" There was a fair amount of sexting too! My favorite line from her that I'll never forget: "Is your cum thick baby?" Who the fuck asks that?


    4. Submitted by Meg Abbytch (via Facebook)

    The credit card he ordered for his girlfriend came to my house. Long story short, he had taken me off of his account (mind you, I was his WIFE). A month later, a brand new Amex shows up in the mail, addressed to another woman. I was thinking that the mailman put something in my box for someone else, but nope, it was my address, and her name. I Googled her and saw that he and she were connected on Google+. Of course he denied denied denied and said, "If I wanted to add someone to my account, why would I have the card come to OUR house?" I said, "Cause you're a dumb ass who probably didn't realize that the card was going to go to the primary account holder's address." Of course, he still denied knowing her. So being the amazing detective that I am cause I grew up in the generation of Scooby-Doo and Inspector Gadget, I got into his Amex account and saw that he not only added her to his account, but he was spending a tremendous amount of money wooing her. He even took her "home" to meet his family last Thanksgiving. I saw the airline tickets he purchased when I was in his account. Oh and he took her to Vegas too... nice, right? Soooo I filed a missing spouse divorce. He had no idea I filed, and he had no idea we were divorced until I scanned the divorce decree and sent it to his work email address. And would you guys believe he had the nerve to say "I can't believe you divorced me?"

    5. Submitted by samher11

    She would text him from my phone. She forgot to delete the last text.

    6. Submitted by jessicas97

    When I was a freshman in college, I was unexpectedly dumped by my (older, townie) boyfriend. It was the first and only time it ever happened, and I couldn't figure out why. Fast forward nearly TEN years later. The ex and I are still friends, and reconnect on Facebook. One day he posts a video he made in 2003 (the same year we dated), of him kissing some other chick! I guess I finally got my explanation.

    7. Submitted by Mark Henning (via Facebook)

    He gave me chlamydia. That really fucking sucked.


    8. Submitted by Maria Reckner (via Facebook)

    His mom accidentally told me he's still married! Oops.

    9. Submitted by mesam

    We were together for 5 years and engaged. I had just gotten home from a 16 hour shift to find him and my best friend at my kitchen table. She was pregnant and the baby was his. They tried to insist that it was a one time deal and an "accident." That was a fun night.

    10. Submitted by roger1217

    I had taken my boyfriend of 3 months on a day trip to Philly. I already had a suspicion that he was lying to me, so I made a picture from our day together my Facebook profile pic and tagged him in it. Not 3 hours later that night, while he slept, I got a Facebook message from this girl asking me who the guy was in my picture. I told her I thought she already knew. Then the whole terrible truth spilled out: he was using me to cheat on his girlfriend of almost a year. She and I talked online for a bit, me apologizing of course for not knowing. I then woke him up, kicked him out of my bed and my life, and made him pay for both his real girlfriend and I to get tested at our local Planned Parenthood. I ripped him a new one that I'm sure still hurts him to this day.

    11. Submitted by michelledardenc

    His side girl called me at 3:00 in the morning to sing "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls. Believe it or not she was worse than they actually were.


    12. Submitted by jordanl4b42c1c3c

    My dad caught him with another girl at a gas station at 6 in the morning.

    13. Submitted by Jessica Stutzman (via Facebook)

    My husband and I were laying on the couch 7 months after we were married, right before he was deployed. A random number texted him and I saw it, and it was someone asking him if he was free that night. I googled the number (photogenic memory :/) and it linked me to a prostitute on a website for hookers. When I went through my phone bill, I found dozens and dozens of prostitutes that he had been texting (and presumably doing more with) for pretty much the entirety of our marriage. The divorce becomes final this Friday!

    14. Submitted by Brittany Conley (via Facebook)

    My four year old cousin told me that my fiancé had come over with his new girl friend. Kids say the darndest things!


    15. Submitted by glitterbabe

    I walked in on them making out AT HIS MOM'S FUNERAL! That was pretty mind boggling.

    16. Submitted by Sophia M. Echavarria (via Facebook)

    I mean, technically, he wasn't cheating. Or at least he said he didn't. He dumped me because he got a crush on her riding the train and bus together as commuters. Even though she has a boyfriend that she lives with. Later, when I was looking her up (stalking?) I found a syllabus for a night class she teaches and saw that he was listed as a guest speaker. Based on the date, he agreed to do it before he dumped me. So... Ok.

    17. Submitted by Rachael (via Facebook)

    Had a hickey. Not from me. When I was like: "Is that a hickey?" he grinned at me. This was also the day after he insisted I renew our 1 year lease on our apartment. Did I mention the person he got the hickey from was a mutual co-worker? When I threatened to break the lease he told me he would take me to court. So basically I spent a year paying rent on 2 places. When the lease was finally up, I found used condoms in one of my art books. Karma got the best of him though. He lost all of the furniture we bought together, got fat, lost all of his hair and had to move back in with his mom.

    Cheating sucks, but all of these Community members are #blessed to have assholes out of their lives!


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