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17 Relationship Deal Breakers With Justin Baldoni

Would telenovela storylines ruin romance in the real world? Justin Baldoni (Rafael from Jane the Virgin) has the answers.

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Jane the Virgin — having recently earned the CW its first Golden Globe — is one of the hottest new primetime soap operas on television, and one of those reasons is the love story between Jane and reformed playboy Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni). So we knew that Rafael's long list of ex-lovers would give Justin (who is married in real life to actress Emily Baldoni) a unique insight into what constitutes real relationship deal breakers.

Here are Justin's thoughts on which relationship problems are fixable and which ones means the relationship is DOOMED:

8. When she's stolen her best friend from high school's identity:

Jessica Chou for BuzzFeed

"I'm not a huge fan of identity theft (insert credit score protection ad plug here)."

11. When she's earned all her money in a Ponzi scheme that left an entire town penniless:

Jessica Chou for BuzzFeed

"A really really really rich town? Maybe she started an orphanage or like... nah, this wouldn't work."

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