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    16 White Responses To African-American Vernacular

    No, you don't need caffeine to "stay woke."

    Proving that just because you haven't heard of something before doesn't mean it's new, Twitter user @AyyThereDelilah started the hashtag #FauxAAVETranslation to explain how people often create their own meanings for black phrases.

    1. "Stay woke"

    Black person: "stay woke" Ya'll: "um what about people with insomnia!!!" #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Translation: Do not be deceived by trickery or lies.

    2. "You straight?"

    us: yo, u straight? white girl: omg how rude! why are u asking about my sexuality?! #fauxAAVEtranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: Synonymous with "Hello, how's it going?" or "Greetings!"

    3. "Bruh"

    Black person: Sup Bruh? White person: Excuse me? We're not related. #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: A simple greeting amongst friends. "What's up, bruh?

    4. "Put my foot in it"

    BP: I put my foot in them greens! WP: You wasted perfectly good food & shamed people who don't have feet? How dare you! #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: Enjoying a particular experience to the fullest. You've never had a better time.

    5. "Hotep"

    Me: Watch out for Hotep Twitter. Them: No prob. I don't even like ancient Egypt. #FauxAAVETranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: Fake deep brothers who frequently use Ancient Egypt references as if we all hail from there; people who have one go-to Malcolm X quote regardless of its relevance.

    6. "Read"

    Black person: Read her!!! White person: OMG! People are not objects! They are not books! Have some respect! #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: To read someone the riot act. To give a rundown of how messy or problematic someone is at a given time. "I don't want to read her and let her know that her unprofessional attitude is why she can't keep a job, but I will."

    7. "Son"

    black person: "nah son" white ppl: "how many SONS do you have? stop your neglect and RAISE YOUR CHILD(ren)!" #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: This is a tricky one. This can refer to a close friend, or also someone who you don't see at your level. "What's up, son?" or "You need to mind your own business, son."

    8. "Heffa"

    BP: Heffa will you figure out what you want to eat before the waiter gets back? WP: DID YOU JUST CALL ME A COW? #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: A silly individual.

    9. "Cake"

    BP: he want dat cake cake cake WP: If he said it that many times he must be starving! Have some compassion! Feed him! #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Translation: A nice, large derriere.

    10. "Slay"

    Black person: I'm bout to slay! White person: oh my GOD THEYRE TRYING TO KILL SOMEONE. HES TRYING TO SLAY HIS BRETHREN #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: To succeed at the highest degree.

    11. "Beat this kitty up"

    Black people: he gonna beat this kitty up Yall: animal abuse!!!! You're not a feminist unless you're a vegan! #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: To have wild, voracious sex with a vagina.

    12. "Geekin"

    #fauxaavetranslation "they geekin" 👱🏻: bullying is very hurtful how would you feel if someone called you a geek

    African-American Vernacular Translation: Wilding out, to be overly amused with something.

    13. "Lit"

    #fauxaavetranslation "It's lit" White people: Black people just LOVE setting things on fire. Savage arsonists.

    African-American Vernacular Translation: It's turnt up! Sorry, "turnt up" means "crazy fun, highly enjoyable."

    14. "Throw hands"

    Black people: Im about to throw hands Yall: Why would you throw away your hands? There are people who dont have hands 😡 #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: To throw bows. To fight.

    15. "Trap queen"

    "She my trap queen" White ppl: This is so abusive, a woman should never be trapped in a relationship, not feminism. #fauxaavetranslation

    African-American Vernacular Translation: The trap is a place where drugs are sold. A trap queen is a loyal, bad bitch woman who stands by her drug-dealing man in "the trap."

    16. "Fuckboy"

    White people saying we should stop using "fuck boy" because it "originates" from prison slang for sexual abuse/rape.

    African-American Vernacular Translation: A misogynistic male, also known as a "trifling, good-for-nothing type of brother."

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