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    16 Out Of This World Things That Happen At A Nick Jonas Concert

    Close Encounters of The Thirst Kind. A rundown of Nick Jonas' Thursday night concert at the Troubador in West Hollywood.

    1. You will see lights shining from above as you arrive at your destination, almost as if they're heaven sent or from another planet.

    2. He takes you to church.

    3. He will (sadly) be fully clothed.

    4. Despite his early appearances at gay bars, there will be no go-go boys and a surprising lack of gays for West Hollywood.

    i'm so turned on by nick jonas in a gay bar okay what stop

    5. There will be girls screaming and sobbing.

    6. He quenches his OWN thirst, while leaving the audience parched.

    7. He'll get his Drake on and rub his hands a lot.

    8. He slays in some unexpected choreography.

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    9. He will cover Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy."

    10. He'll put out his guitar and do some slow jamz.

    11. Including "Warning," a new track from his upcoming album.

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    12. You'll find out his favorite Prince song is "I Would Die 4 U."

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    Someone shouted "I hope it's Batdance!" He unfortunately did not comply, but this was great too.

    13. He'll having you saying, "Sam Smith who?"

    14. Special shout out to the several moms posted at the bar drinking Pinot Grigio while their daughters get their lives on the dancefloor.

    15. You'll remember this party for the rest of your life.

    16. Because, honestly, when will your faves?