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16 Baby Giraffes Who Don't Give A Damn

Soon they'll be tall enough to cast as much shade as they're throwing right now.

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1. "No, I wasn't taking a NAP or anything."

Miguel Rojo / Getty Images

2. "What'd you just say about Zayn? You better take that back."

Paul Gilham / Getty Images

3. "Why are you kissing me, bro? Heard of consent?"

4. "If you don't know the yoga poses then ASK THE INSTRUCTOR."

Hoare / Getty Images

5. "Um, this is the best you could do with the decor?"

Joern Pollex / Getty Images

6. "Fuck y'all paparazzi, always waiting outside my house."

Scott Olson / Getty Images

7. "🎶 Sugar... yes please... 🎶 Aren't you glad I changed the music at your lame party?"

8. "A weave? LOL, they're called edges, you had them when you were my age."

Deshakalyan Chowdhury / Getty Images

9. "Y'all gossiping about me? Wanna say it to my face?"

10. "I just got my hair done can you NOT?"

Dibyangshu Sarkar / Getty Images

11. "Please don't turn this photo into a stupid meme about your 'legs day' workout."

12. "Mom stop kissing me, it's the first day of school, my friends will see!"

Buddhika Weerasinghe / Getty Images

13. "How's that fence tho?"

Three Lions / Getty Images

14. "Mom they wanted a photo of me not you."

15. "Like, are you even a real zebra, or..."

Fox Photos / Getty Images

16. "So I put on a couple pounds, can I live?"

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