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14 Reasons Drake Is Hotter Than Chris Evans


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So, THIS is happening in Round 1 of BuzzFeed’s Hot Guy March Madness Bracket.

1. Everyone, this is Aubrey Drake Graham.

2. And THIS is Chris Evans.

Marvel / Disney

3. Is the 8% to reflect 1% for each ab in Drake's 8-pack?

4. Does Drake not flex enough for you?

5. Do you need your men to look like THIS?

Marvel / Disney

6. Like, do you want your men dapper af?

7. Or someone who thinks whipped cream is appropriate attire?

8. BTW, Chris Evans isn't even hot enough to host SNL.

NBC / Via

9. Does Chris Evans ever make you think he'd grind on you while Ginuwine's "Pony" is playing?

10. Can you shave your damn beard, bro?

Ernesto Distefano / Getty Images

11. Because THIS is a fresh trim.

12. But it's okay, Drake's not even pressed.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

13. I mean, he didn't star in The Nanny Diaries, so he doesn't have the fanbase Chris Evans does.

The Weinstein Company

14. Go off into the seas, Aubrey. This world isn't ready for you.

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