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    14 Flawless New York Reactions To Modern Dating Woes

    Always be f#@king fabulous.

    Iconic reality TV pioneer Tiffany "New York" Pollard always had her own unique approach to love on VH1's Flavor of Love and I Love New York — so we asked her how she deals with modern dating scenarios.

    You ready?

    1. When you still ain't boo'ed up after two months.

    2. When you discover he's been telling you lies.

    3. When your date looks nothing like his Tinder picture.

    4. When he wants you to meet his mom after the first date.

    5. When your boo is still friends with his ex.

    6. When they wanna make it Facebook official.

    7. When you're knockin' boots and he calls you "Beyoncé" in bed.

    8. When he invites you on a vacay, but wants to go half on it.

    9. When you find out he used to do porn.

    10. When he takes the last slice of the damn Domino's you've been waiting all day for.

    11. When he wants to "treat" you to $5 champagne.

    12. When he's not here for New York, he's only with you for the fame.

    13. When he says you're not fabulous.

    14. When he wants a hot air balloon date.

    And if you didn't like New York's dating advice? She ain't even mad: