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    12 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Life In Your Twenties

    Featuring Days of Our Lives star Jen Lilley.

    Surviving in the real world as an "adult" is hard. And no one knows that better than Theresa Donovan on NBC's Days of Our Lives.

    We stopped by the set in Burbank, California to visit Theresa's portrayer, Jen Lilley, for advice on dealing with the struggles every twentysomething goes through.

    1. When a guy you reluctantly gave your number at the bar calls you the next day.

    2. When a neighbor asks you to turn down the music at your party.

    3. When the co-worker you hate tries to join you for lunch.

    4. When your boss reschedules happy hour.

    5. When a student loan bill arrives in the mail.

    6. When you're hungover and someone tries inviting you to "workout" on a Sunday morning.

    7. When your crush walks in the room.

    8. When your crush sees you stalking them.

    9. When someone asks you when you plan on having kids.

    10. When you and try and fail to act classy at an event your parents force you to attend.

    11. When you accidentally swipe left on a cute guy on Tinder.

    12. And, as always, when you're feeling your look.

    Watch Jen Lilley in Days of Our Lives weekdays on NBC.