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11 Times Omar Sharif Was Effortlessly Cool

The actor died Friday but his impeccable style will endure forever.

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1. Omar Sharif, Hollywood legend, was rarely matched in his effortless style.

D. Morrison / Getty Images

2. Who else could slide out of a limo like that?

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

3. Or rock a winter chapeau like a boss?

Gianni Ferrari / Cover / Getty Images

4. His bow tie game was always on point.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

5. He even made Babs swoon in Funny Girl.

Archive Photos / Getty Images

6. You can't tell them NOTHIN'.

Columbia Pictures / Getty Images

7. He even looked baller when he was dressed like he lived in Westeros.

Keystone / Getty Images

8. Even Michael Caine couldn't handle it.

Michael Webb / Getty Images

9. You know that saying "the house always wins?" Well, not when Omar's playing.

Getty Images

10. Everyone else wins by seeing his sexy, pensive gaze.

Harry Dempster / Getty Images

11. Here's to you, Omar.

David Cairns / Getty Images

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