18 Rules Of Having A Threesome According To Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys

    Got 180 pages and I'm caught in between.

    1. Acquaintances are often the best option, friends can ruin relationships and complete strangers might be too weird.

    2. If you're not into one of the people who proposed the threesome, say no up front. Immediately.

    3. Get everything on the table before you decide to have one, don't go in hiding long-harbored feelings for someone.

    4. There's an extra body involved, so make sure everyone gets tested.

    5. Getting high might sound like a good idea, but make sure you can focus on the task at hand.

    6. Two penises coming at you at once can be startling at first, but handle it like a bad bitch.

    7. There will be a LOT of semen flying. Twice as much. Be prepared.

    8. Try having the encounter in a place you don't usually have sex, so you don't compare the situation to your regular sex life.

    9. If someone ends up being a "minute man," then that's too bad, the threesome is a twosome now.

    10. Sometimes it can be fun to sit back and watch the show for a bit.

    11. Explore all the possible entries for pleasure.

    12. If you say, "Oh my God, it's so big!" to one person, you have to say it to the other. Don't be rude.

    13. Conversely, don't shame another partner for their less than stellar attributes.

    14. Pay attention to both partners, otherwise the jilted party may start drama.

    15. Yes, there's three people, but don't go OVERBOARD on the lube.

    16. Set up rules about the other two parties having future sex on their own.

    17. Once it's over, don't be a fucking third wheel.

    18. When you end up with crabs, it's harder to surmise who's the fucking culprit.