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Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump: The Presidential Election Race Picks Up Pace

Although the televised debate of the American Presidential Election is over, however, the two Presidential nominees Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are rallying in the significant states of the United Sates to galvanize the support of the voters, especially where early voting has begun.

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What is the Role of American Electoral College System?

Interestingly, the closer the American Presidential race gets, the ambitious it gets, as the significance of the rallying in American states becomes crucial, particularly in the concluding stages due to the Electoral College System in America. In order to clearly assess the chances of the victory or defeat of the Presidential nominees, it is necessary to understand the role of the Electoral College in the American Elections. To put simply, the people of America vote for the Electoral College in the first stage and the Electoral College, in turn, decides the winning chances of the candidates.

According to the Constitution of America, the President is elected by the House of Representatives. All the state delegations have one vote, which is predominated by the majority and the vote also goes for the favored candidates of the respective delegate state. While in Senate, all members have one vote and the election of the vice President is decided by the Senate. Furthermore, most of the states vote in accordance with the disposition of the party candidates despite the option of a free vote in some states.

Despite the victory of Mr. Obama in Carolina for his first terms election, the loss for the second term cannot be overlooked and it also reflects the significance of the state for the Presidential nominees. As a result, Mrs. Clinton has rallied yesterday in the North Carolina along with Mrs. Obama to boost her support base among the undecided voters in addition to sealing her lead in the states of Colorado.

Game-Changing States

In terms of the role of few states, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are considered as the crucial states due to the number of the undecided voters in these states. Similarly, if the support of Hillary continues to remain unchanged in the Democrat influenced (Blue) states and Mr., Trump’s voters are not multiplied in Republican (Red) States; it would mean increased chances of winning for Democrat nominee, Mrs. Clinton. On the other hand, the unprecedented support of Mr. Trump in the States of Florida and Ohio could facilitate his chances of becoming a President. However, the Florida polls reflect a contrary picture, as Mrs. Clinton seems to have a lead over Mr. Trump in the State of Florida so far.

While Mr. Trump has managed to get a record number of Republican votes in the primaries, however, his potential to appeal to the voters other than red states (Republican) has been affected due to the attachment of controversies and scandals with him before the televised Presidential debate and after the end of it. Even though Mr. Trump's campaign for the election has attracted the generous amount of funding, however, he seems to be falling behind Mrs. Clinton by a fair margin. That said, many Republican members and Trump advocates believe that the state polls are not an accurate representation of the Election result.

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