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French Refugee (Jungle) Camp: A Case Of Migrant Crisis?

The French decision to shut down the refugee camp in Calais has gained the attention of not only migrants who will be displaced, but it has become a matter of concern for the advocates of the refugee rights and the future prospects of French policy on Refugees.

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In the wake of the French authorities' policy of dismantling the controversial camp, some of the refugees have responded violently in addition to making efforts to reach the UK via illegal means. This seemingly sudden measure or policy is an outcome of the agreement between the UK and France in August. The main focus of the agreement was on the effective management of the camp and to control the illegal movement of migrants from France to the UK. The origin of the camp can be traced back to 1999, which turned into a popular choice for all those who were seeking asylum.

Although the plan was announced in September, however, the French officials have taken months of planning and preparations to execute the plan of action without afflicting harm due to a large number of refugees occupying the camp. And the completion of the plan will probably take around six to seven days. This crisis may also be seen as the consequence of the massive migrant influx in the Europe since past year. Most of the refugees have flown from war affected states including Syria, Entre, North Africa and Afghanistan. According to the officials, some of the migrants will be relocated, while others will be deported.

According to various reports, some of the migrants who were living in the French camp have tried to reach the United Kingdom, which has resulted into obstruction of transportation services in France. Similarly, more than eighty migrant have illegally reached the Eurotunnel. On the number of migrants in the Jungle camp, some reports suggest the presence of 7,000 occupants. Moreover, the incentive behind the desperate efforts to cross the channel connecting the UK and France has to do with the need of the migrant to find work or to live as an illegal worker in the UK.

In order to avoid the escalation or clash with the migrants who are not willing to leave the camp, the French police used tear gas to disrupt the retaliators. The controversy with camp objected to the humanitarian crisis and plight of the migrants. Moreover, the French camp reflects the failure of the European Union to deal with the migrant influx.

In terms of the repercussions of the French action, scores of migrants have been evicted from the French camp. The operation involves the use of electric saws and other types of equipment to disassemble or destroy the shelter of the refugees and to remove the debris. Similarly, French police has deployed a large number of troops to completely vacate the camp. The migrants have been moved or sent to camps in other parts of the France. Moreover, the decision to dismantle the camp is seen or considered as the end or migrants hopes of going to the UK.

In addition to attracting the attention of the people traffickers, the jungle camp has been a point of concern and criticism for the locals of the Calais and the businessmen due to the dwindling of the opportunities to make money or do business. Likewise, the driver's community of trucks across the channel connecting France and the UK has been affected. Since some of the migrant use the trucks as a mean to illegally cross the channel.

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