10 Things That Happen When You're A Fat Desi Woman

    Does my double chin scare you, Aunty?

    1. Everyone will use the term "healthy" to describe you gaining weight.

    2. Everyone and their mamas (literally) will make unwanted remarks about how to lose weight.

    3. You won't want to go to any events or weddings where there's a lot of Desi people.

    4. You'll start to hate taking pictures of your body or you will try to edit your pictures to look "skinnier" so people don't talk as much crap.

    5. You will not find Desi clothes that fit you...like, anywhere.

    6. People will tell you how pretty you could be if you lost the weight or how pretty you used to be before you gained all the weight.

    7. People will start making comments to your parents or close family members about you, behind your back, and you'll start feeling terrible because you don't want your parents to feel ashamed of you.

    8. If you are unmarried, people will gossip about how you'll have a hard time finding a partner. If you're married, people will gossip about how you'll "keep your partner interested."

    9. You will realize that your worth has nothing to do with your weight. And the people that make it seem that way are miserable, miserable people.

    10. You will realize you are a badass who doesn't care about anyone else's opinion, and you will live. your. life.