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According To Instagram, Taylor Swift Has The Most Enviable Life

Everyone knows that Instagram is the best place to share photos of the most awesome things you do in life: Go to a beautiful beach? Post it on Instagram. Have a reunion with friends? Post it on Instagram. Because of this insta-phenomenon, everyone's lives appear way more incredible than they actually are. Usually you can put it in perspective and realize that nobody's life is that great. Except Taylor Swift. Her Instagram proves that she has the most amazing life of them all, and can easily make even the strongest individuals weak with envy. Don't believe me? Check it out.

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She's friends with LITERALLY everyone.

Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, and Ashley Avignone.

Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, and Ashley Avignone.


Tavi Gevinson, Ashley Avignone, and Martha Hunt.

Tavi Gevinson, Ashley Avignone, and Martha Hunt.


Lorde, Gracie Gold, HAIM, and Jaime King.

Lorde, Gracie Gold, HAIM, and Jaime King.

Including ALL the Victoria's Secret Angels. Casual.

And Ariana Grande.

Aaaaaand Ellie Goulding.

Oh and there she is hugging Selena Gomez.

In case you're not convinced, here she is with Sarah Hyland.

She also chills with Ellen Degeneres on occasion.

And Emma Stone.

Do you drink tea out of cute mugs with Ed Sheeran? I didn't think so.

And check out her birthday party. Yes, that is Beyonce and Jay-Z. And Sam Smith. And Justin Timberlake (dressed as the poop emoji, because this photo needed to be even BETTER than it already was).

But Taylor Swift doesn't just hang out with her celebrity friends. She also does totally normal things, like go to Target.

And cuddle with her sleepy kitten.

To top it off, she does things we all want to do, like wrapping herself in a giant comforter to go to the airport for a 7 am flight.

She lies on the floor with small children and feeds them too many chocolate chips.

She dresses up like cartoon characters.

She shoots a bubble gun like a damn badass.

She's not ashamed to post some throwbacks of her... uh... awkward phase (to put it kindly).

She cooks with her BFFs.

And makes cute dinners like this.

And finally, she named her itty bitty little white kitty Olivia Benson. If that doesn't prove that she's the best ever, nothing will.

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