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    29 Ways You Know You Studied Abroad In Cape Town, South Africa

    You may have only been there for six months, but you fell in love with Cape Town on day one and have missed it every day since you left.

    1. You know that the Neighbourgoods Market at Old Biscuit Mill was the Saturday morning place to be.

    2. You fell in love with Nando's and miss it every day.

    3. You know Wednesdays were for Boogie and Tiger Tiger.

    4. You really did not understand South Africans' obsession with KFC, especially because they didn't even have biscuits.

    5. You know no hostel will ever compare to the ones you stayed in on the garden route.

    6. You did a Southern Ambition trip.

    7. You know Pig & Swizzle was a good way to start any night.

    8. You know that Cocoa Wah Wah had the most incredible brunch in the world.

    9. You have been face to face with a shark and loved it (but didn't love the throwing up on the boat part so much).

    10. You loved how cheap things were, so you subsequently spent way too much money.

    11. You frequented Marcel's on a daily basis (and you probably thought the flavors were super weird at first - what the hell is banoffee?).

    12. You loved Beer House (and you may have *accidentally* taken home a shot glass).

    13. You found out that the best view of Table Mountain was from the ferry to Robben Island.

    14. You visited penguins in their natural habitat (and one of your friends probably tried to touch one).

    15. You were a big fan of Food Inn.

    16. You were in the best shape of your life from walking (i.e. hiking) to class after deciding the queue for the Jammie was too long.

    17. You bought all your souvenirs at Green Market Square (but you learned to haggle like a local).

    18. You quickly learned the difference between cabs and taxis.

    19. You loved the food at Woolworths but realized how much more practical Pick n Pay was (you know, price-wise).

    20. You missed bagels (and told people on multiple occasions that no, bagels are not just "not sweet donuts"), real Mexican food, and drip coffee (aka not instant coffee).

    21. But you really learned to love rooibos tea.

    22. You freak out anytime you find Amarula back at home.

    23. You were really stressed out by the fact that 50% of your grade depended on your final.

    24. And then you got to finals in a big ass room and realized this was the stuff of nightmares.

    25. You had a favorite South African beer.

    26. You overestimated how much you could eat at Mzoli's (and then ate it all anyways).

    27. You visited a township and learned more about race relations in an hour there than you did in 12+ years of schooling at home.

    28. You woke up before the sun to see this amazing view from Lion's Head.

    29. You fell in love with Cape Town and feel honored to have called it your home for six months.