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    RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION 19 Bread Products Every Bread Lover Needs

    “Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” – James Beard (aka James Bread*)

    This amazing little bread lunchbox.

    These fresh baked bread candles.

    This entirely accurate t-shirt.

    A bread phone case.

    These sesame baguette earrings.

    This rye bread bath bomb.

    This flash drive that is literally perfect in every way.

    This cookbook dedicated solely to toast.

    This baguette purse.

    Some bread perfume.

    This bread wall clock.

    These amazing bread coasters.

    A pita pencil case that's perfect for school.

    These bread luggage tags.

    This cuddly bread pillow.

    This incredible stress ball alternative.

    Some fresh bread soap.

    These adorable bread slippers.

    This bread loaf ring.

    Because in reality, we're all just this guy, with dreams of one day living in our very own bread house.