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    Posted on Jun 26, 2016

    15 Adorable Outfits For The Fourth Of July

    Do you love the Fourth of July? Do you dream of BBQs, fireworks, and dumping tea into the ocean? If you're all about donning stars and stripes without looking like a child, try any of these awesome options.

    1. This perfect and comfortable headband.


    For anyone who knows it's going to be damn hot on the fourth and wants to keep their hair out of their face.

    2. These funky flag sunglasses.


    For when you want to look cool, but not actually be able to see.

    3. This vintage-style tank top.


    For anyone who wants something handmade and unique.

    4. This fringed America tank.


    For anyone who wants to treat their Fourth of July party like a music festival.

    5. This awesome swimsuit.


    For if you plan on spending all day on the beach.

    6. This badass baseball cap.


    For anyone who plans on going full-on Americana and going to a baseball game, aka America's favorite pastime.

    7. These red, white, and blue socks.


    For anyone who wants to add some flair to a normal outfit.

    8. These worn-out shorts.


    For everyone who wants shorts they can actually wear for the rest of the summer too.

    9. This comfy tank perfect for a BBQ.

    10. This tank that is patriotic AF.


    For anyone who wants to make it super clear what they're celebrating.

    11. This understated tee.


    For people who like America, but aren't so sure about its future... *cough* TRUMP *cough*

    12. These classic Chucks.


    There are literally no shoes more American than Converse.

    13. This picturesque picnic blouse.


    If you want to perfectly blend in with your picnic blanket.

    14. This perfect retro swimsuit.


    For anyone who wants a little more coverage but still wants to show their #patriotic side.

    15. This sporty bralette set.


    For anyone just planning to spend the day lounging in bed enjoying the long weekend.

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