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    16 Queer TV Couples That Are The Representation We Need Right Now

    I love *their* love! 🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. Dani and Jamie — The Haunting of Bly Manor


    Objectively, one of the most stable relationships on this list. The Haunting of Bly Manor showcases Jamie and Dani's pure and unwavering love set against the backdrop of a thriller.

    2. Eric and Adam — Sex Education


    Sex Education played on the overused closeted bully trope, but Eric and Adam remain extremely cute nonetheless. Season 3 needs to come ASAP so we can continue rooting for them.

    3. Ola and Lily — Sex Education

    Lily  gently plucks an eyelash off Ola's cheek

    Sex Education gave us with two strong queer couples, and we couldn't be more grateful. Ola and Lily are two quirky girls who just work well together.

    4. Victor and Benji — Love, Victor


    Love, Victor shares the challenges of coming out in high school and the joys of young love between Victor and Benji. And of course the cliché of working a coffee shop job with your crush.

    5. Edie and Amanda — Almost Family

    Edie and Amanda kiss on a park bench

    Unfortunately, Almost Family was canceled, but you can still rewatch the show and enjoy the budding relationship between Edie and Amanda as Edie comes to terms with her sexuality later in life.

    6. Josh and Arnold — Please Like Me

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Josh had to go through a few relationships to find out that he needed to be single, and, sadly, his relationship with Arnold was one of them. This Australian show Please Like Me is comedic, but it also discusses the hardships of adulthood and finding yourself.

    7. Yorkie and Kelly — Black Mirror


    This Black Mirror episode shares Yorkie and Kelly's love through the generations, and it's so heartwarming, you might just tear up.

    8. Toni and Shelby — The Wilds

    Toni and Shelby kiss in the jungle

    This couple has been blowing up in the LGBTQ+ community. The Wilds is a new show on Amazon Prime, and it does a good job of showing the troublesome relationship between religion and coming out. We want more!

    9. Mae and George — Feel Good

    Channel 4

    Mae's journey toward sobriety takes a bit of a detour as she starts a new relationship with George. Feel Good fast-forwards through their honeymoon phase and focuses on the realistic challenges they face.

    10. Theo and Trish — The Haunting of Hill House


    Despite the darkness in Theo's history and her emotional unavailability, she can't stop returning to Trish. The Haunting of Hill House doesn't make a big deal of her sexuality and her coming out "story" is iconic.

    11. Frankie and Bianca — Workin' Moms

    Frankie and Bianca look into each other's eyes

    Frankie went through the challenges of postpartum, and Bianca decided to have a child on her own. This partnership in Workin' Moms was a natural progression into love. It's a nice change of pace to see an older lesbian relationship on TV.

    12. Danny and Elliot — A Million Little Things

    Danny and Elliot stand in the living room, smiling

    Danny and Elliot are the most adorable young couple. A Million Little Things shares the sweetness of childhood crushes and will make you feel nostalgic for your first love.

    13. Sydney and Dina — I Am Not Okay With This


    The lines between best friends are sometimes blurred. Sydney finds this out in I Am Not Okay With This when she begins to realize that her love for Dina is more than friendly.

    14. Emily and Paige — Pretty Little Liars


    Sorry, we had to throw in an oldie! Quarantine had us rewatching old childhood favorites. Emily and Paige from Pretty Little Liars are the stronger couple, and we're still upset Emily ended up with Alison. Tell us we're wrong!

    15. Fabiola and Eve — Never Have I Ever

    Eve and Fabiola sit on the steps, smiling

    The support Fabiola receives from her friends when she comes out is ideal. Once she comes to terms with her sexuality in Never Have I Ever, Fabiola finds her first crush Eve, and they hit it off.

    16. And finally, Mo and Eddie — Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist


    No matter how confident and independent Mo is, there's no way he can deny his love for Eddie and the painful heartache that came with the heartbreak. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist shares the reality of life and teaches us how to heal from grief and loss.

    Go check out all of these TV shows and let us know your thoughts! Also, don't forget to tell us about your favorite queer TV couples!