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Excited For Amazon Go!

I'm excited for this type of store. no lines, no bitchy cashiers . . .

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I'm excited for this type of store. no lines, no bitchy cashiers, no watching some cashiers put your bananas underneath your bottle(s) of Tito's, no watching the old lady in front of me not have her checkbook out and signed nor license ready, no old man trying to figure out how to insert in his NFC chipped CC (credit card) into the newer card readers, no random guy at target having the cashier scan every single item in his overfilled shopping cart before he decides if he's buying it. Yes, this guy got the "Asshole of the Day Award" that day. True story. I was behind him and had only a few items while he was on his cell phone and saying "yay or nay" to the cashier. I hit my "Are you f'n kidding me moment" when the box of Trojans was rejected and the candles weren't. So perhaps ambiance was important to him, but protection, not so much? One word, dumbass. I picked up my stuff, gave him the middle finger salute in my ever present imaginary thought bubble, gave the lady behind me the "Seriously, go to another f'n line" look, and proceeded over to self-checkout. At some point, the cashier needs to say, "Dear customer, you are not always right, especially right now . . . asshole." Slow, loud clap from me and all the people waiting in line behind us.

One of the perks of living in nerdville (Silicon Valley), hopefully, we get one of these stores before Kansas City, MO. Yep, I'm still bitter that they got Google Fiber before nerdville, and no, we still don't have it. Shedding single tear, frowning, insolent.

Gotta run! Bezos be calling me. Guessing he wants me to head up the nationwide roll out. #fingerscrossed



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