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How Not To Be A Stalker In 2016

If you've been fighting the good fight, but finding it hard to stay away from yours crushes URL's, this list is for you. Happy New Year!

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When you're crushing HARD

1. Hey! Accept that you are a stalker.

2. Fight the obsessive urges to ask for you crush’s last/middle/alias names. They know what your doing.

3. Don't passively dig for mutual friendships.

"You saw Keith? Keith, who? Does he have tattoos? Oh, different Keith...…la di da."

4. Facebook records the times you liked anything/looked anyone up. You can delete it. But it's always logging.

5.Are they really worth the sacrifice? "Naked and Afraid" is probably on right now. / Via

6. Sending repeated text messages only result's in ignoring.

7. Do not block anyone unless you truly mean it. Anything less then pure hate will not stop you.

8. Don't make up a fake profile on any social media platform to plot revenge. ( i.e. catfish )

9. DO make a real tinder profile.

Tinder / Via Twitter: @pmalinov

10. But don't hold your breath.

11. Don't show up to their watering hole alone. You knew they would be there. EVERYONE knows you like them.

12. Just stay away from ALL devices.

13. Do not stalk and drive. You will accidentally add someone's ex or like something.

14. Then you'll think about it every night before you go to sleep for a long time.

16. If all else fails, adopt this as a personal mantra.

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viroquavinny / Via You Tube

Stop it or I'll bury you alive in a box!

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