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11 Things I Wish I Told My High School Self


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Express Your Weirdness. / Via Fashion, Lady Gaga

And by this, I mean no one cares about you and what you wear. Everyone's busy trying so hard, that they'll cherish you for breaking standards and setting a new low. It wasn't until I got to theater school, that I wore whatever I wanted. I was still judged, but openly. And I didn't care because those who judged me were in the same boat as me, in a British dialects class for college aged people.

There Will Always Dum's Dum's.

1328749668_Carlin.jpg / Via

Just because everyone is talking down to you doesn't mean your dumb and or, will get even smarter as you get older. In high school everyone begins to look older. All you want to be is OLDER. But as you get older you realize that you do not morph into somebody else. You feel the same inside. However, you DO learn how to pluck your eyebrows, what to wear and tell people to F*** off. All very important things.

High School Doesn't End until I say so! / Via 42 GIFs found for romy and michele

Go to the high school reunion to see that people are generally the same and High School doesn't really matter. Aslo free dranks!

And Bring Matthew Mcconaughey!

Dazed And Confused Matthew Mcconaughey animated GIF / Via

The cute guy you crushed on in high school but never talked to ( i.e. except by proxy, when you were critiquing each others essays ) is still cute. But still doesn't know you exist, because of your way to hard "playing hard to get" game is the same at the reunion. Also, here's Matthew Mcconaughey.

And Fuck Pink / Via

LIFE GOES ON. And it doesn't matter that the mean girl sitting in front of you thinks your are a sweaty beast because you accidentally spit on her in P.E. Or that her friend has a hickey. Those girls aren't mean, or nice. They just are and so are you. Huzzah!

And Sexting? Say Whaa? / Via

You have no idea the shit storm that's going to hit high school, when Instagram, text messaging and Facebook blow up. Embrace any and all internet anonymity while you can. Consider yourself lucky for having logged a bullet.

Some things never change / Via

The lying sociopath who practically ruined your life is still a lying sociopath. When you see her at the high school reunion she has a huge diamond on her finger and baby. And all you can think of is, good for you?

And Everyone's Still Confused All of The Time

80's high school movies | Tumblr / Via

No one really has it "figured out". They just keep going. High school still goes on way past high school, its just bigger and badder and skinnier and richer and angrier. So just do YOU!

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