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34 Things That Will Give Scots Intense Primary School Flashbacks

For anyone who has owned a pair of Adidas poppers.

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3. The solid nutritional value that came from one of these bad boys.

Makes you slever just thinking about it.

4. Not to mention the joy you felt when one of these tickled your tastebuds.

Also an excellent way to remove any loose teeth.


5. Whilst we're on the topic of sweets, you could probably go a Soor Ploom.

They'd come in a white paper bag and if you left them in there too long, bits of the bag would stick to your sweets. Happy days!

8. When the mobile library came round and your class got to go in first.



9. Getting one of these for your pocket money...

...and feeling like a total baller if you had a handful of them.

10. This accurate depiction of life around Loch Ness.

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14. When you thought there would be something good on BBC2, only to find out it was Dè a-nis?

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But you'd watch it anyway if there was nothing better on.


17. Until they were usurped by these bad boys.

21. Music meant learning classics such as this...

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22. And this.

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If that wasn't enough for you, here's JLS singing "You cannae shove yer Granny aff a bus". Srsly.


26. And the victory of Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn.

27. The power you felt when you made it to P7.

We're gonna rule the school.

28. A lot of your school trips looked like this...

#dreich #pishindoon


32. You'll always remember the tension that came with your Cycling Proficiency Test.

You had to pass: You didn't want to even consider what life would be like if you failed.

33. Playing British Bulldogs was just like this.

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Until it was banned by every school in the land.

34. And if the question of the national anthem came up, you knew which one you'd be singing.

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