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19 Problems Everyone Will A Scottish Name Will Understand

"Can you spell that for me?" *reaches for pressure points*

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1. People like to guess how to prounounce it, rather than just asking you.

Seriously. It's an almost daily occurrence.

2. They also love telling you your name is "strange" because they've never heard it before. / Via


3. For some reason, people seem to forget how the letters of the alphabet work.

I'm not 7-years-old, therefore it's safe to assume I'm not spelling my name with a lowercase letter.
Iona St Joseph / BuzzFeed

I'm not 7-years-old, therefore it's safe to assume I'm not spelling my name with a lowercase letter.

4. When people try to guess the origins of your name. / Via

"Oh, Iona? As in the Ionian sea? Are your parents Greek?"

5. If you've got a Gaelic name, it's likely that approximately 60% of your life will be spent spelling it out. / Via

Ciorstaidh, Ruaridh, Flòraidh, Eòin, Mhairi, Sorcha, Fionn, and anyone else who gets a red line under their name when they type it in Word: We've got your backs.

6. The fact that two vowels at the beginning of a name is too much for people to process.

7. And two consonants at the end? Good luck with that.

Shout out to all the Eilidhs out there.

8. You spend so much time spelling your name out, and then people STILL get it wrong.

*long sigh*

9. You're genuinely surprised when someone gets your name right on the first go. / Via


10. Going to Starbucks is a nightmare.

Flat White for holycrapwhatdoesthatevensay.

11. Your childhood was a series of disappointments when you could never find anything with your name on it.

12. Trying to give contact details over the phone is just the worst.

13. You've got no chance of finding a bottle of Coke with your name on it.

So you have to improvise.
Twitter: @ZAPD0S / Via Twitter: @ZAPD0S

So you have to improvise.

14. When you're waiting for an appointment and they call your name out wrong. / Via

You know they mean you, but you don't want to answer to the wrong name. You've got principles, dammit!

15. Your friends with easy-to-spell names think you might be overreacting a bit.


They will never understand your struggle.

16. People question your parents' naming capabilities. / Via

"Where did they get *that* name from?"

17. There are some people who, no matter how many times you correct them, just cannot get it. / Via

Ok, fine. Fiona will have to do.

18. It blows your mind how many alternatives people manage to come up with. / Via

Diana? REALLY?!

19. But despite how annoying it is that no-one else can handle it, you love having a name that's a little bit different.