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    19 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Tesco Worker

    The customer is always a bit of a knob.

    1. We're taught not to look for the barcode when scanning items because it wastes time. / Via

    We just move it around in our hands until it beeps.

    2. And if we're stuck for conversation with a customer at the checkouts, we're advised to talk about the weather.

    NBC / Via

    "Isn't it hot/cold/wet/windy/snowy?!"

    3. We often ask whether you want a bag on autopilot, before realising that you've only bought two things.

    4. In short, working on the checkouts is the absolute worst.

    5. And when the store is empty, it gets about 10 times more boring.

    6. When you ask us to check the storeroom for something, we always take the opportunity to have a little sit down in the back.

    7. We don't want to accompany you to the right aisle to help find the exact item you're looking for, but we have to.

    NBC / Via

    It's just as awkward and not fun for us too, so there's no need to get shitty about it.

    8. The codes for items that don't scan are imprinted on our brains forever. / Via

    Lemons 55, garlic 1106, kill me now.

    9. We have to ID you if you look under 25.

    10. Our customers can be extremely bratty.

    Don't fucking throw your clubcard at me when I told you we have to charge 5p for carrier bags. I gave you a weeks notice! #tescoproblems

    No madam, I can't give you a discount because there is a tiny tear in the top of your box of Coco Pops. Yes sir, I did hear that you could get your magazine cheaper somewhere else because you are LITERALLY YELLING IN MY FACE.

    11. But the worst customers are the ones who graze as they shop.

    12. A really enthusiastic "Have a nice day!" is usually reserved for the shittiest of customers.

    13. It's really difficult to hold in our opinions when we see a customer pack their shopping incorrectly. / Via


    14. But we'll never stop smiling.

    15. We hear the "If it doesn't scan, it must be free!" joke approximately 400 times a day.

    FOX / Via


    16. Rumbling is a welcome break from whatever arduous task we've been doing all morning.

    Hate when customers mess up my rumble #TescoProblems

    Clearing away all the cardboard is actually quite satisfying.

    17. Our staff discount is only 10%.

    18. But the training video that we're shown when we start did teach us that lining your bags with tin foil ~might~ make theft easier. / Via

    It's not worth trying though, because a) it's illegal and b) it might not be true.

    19. And finally, we'd rather you gave items you didn't want to us so we could put them back, instead of leaving them randomly round the store.

    Pixar / Via

    ESPECIALLY if they're perishable goods. Thank you.

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