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    18 Reasons Ceilidhs Were The Best Thing About School

    They guaranteed a reel-y good time. Sorry.

    1. You turned up and you danced. There was none of that awkward school disco loitering.

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    Girls on one side, boys on the other? Yeah right.

    2. Boys had it easy when it came to outfit choices.

    3. Once you learnt a dance, you were set for life.

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    Birthday party? Wedding? Ball? No problem.

    4. It gave you your workout for an entire week.

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    Going to a ceilidh actually felt like doing some serious exercise.

    5. You never had to worry about finding a partner.

    FOX / Via

    In fact, you welcomed any chance to sit down so you could have a rest.

    6. You didn't have to worry about whether your dance moves were cool enough. / Via

    You reeled or you sat down, so you didn't have to worry about any awkward dancing to "hip" songs.

    7. You felt like the best dancer in the world if you made it through the figure of eight in the "Dashing White Sergeant" without messing up.

    ABC News / Via

    Unless you were one of those people who just couldn't get it.

    8. There were no slow love songs. / Via

    No thanks, sensual grinding to Ne-Yo's "So Sick".

    9. "Strip the Willow". Enough said.

    10. You were never concerned about whether you'd enjoy the music. / Via

    Q: Who can resist a ceilidh band? A: No-one.

    11. Seeing teachers reeling, even if it was just them showing you the dance, was incredible. / Via

    OMG what is happening.

    12. It gave the boys a chance to show off their adolescent strength / Via

    If there's one thing you can guarantee the morning after a ceilidh, it's an achey bicep.

    13. You didn't have to worry about being stuck with someone you didn't like for ages. / Via

    Once the reel's over, you move on to the next partner. See ya.

    14. Everyone knew all the reels.

    They'd been drummed into you since childhood. This wasn't your first rodeo.

    15. The room was always well lit, so there was never that half hour struggle to try and find one of your friends. / Via


    16. Scottish Country Dancing is probably the only thing they teach you at school that you actually remember / Via

    Y'know, apart from reading and maths and all the other boring stuff.

    17. A lot of the dances were in big groups, which meant your were almost always with one of your friends. / Via

    Because doing anything without your friends at school was the absolute worst.

    18. But no matter what the occasion, celebrating with a ceilidh always made you feel patriotic. / Via

    Whether that was on Burns Night or St Andrew's Day, they were some of the best school parties you went to.

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