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    19 Problems You Had If You Grew Up Posh In Scotland

    "Yes, I know I don't have an accent." *Sighs*

    1. Your parents spent a lot of your childhood trying to get you to talk "properly".

    Giphy / Dreamworks

    "Butter has two T's, try to pronounce one of them at least."

    2. But using "fancy" words at school often meant you had the piss taken out of you.

    Giphy / Universal

    "Don't be so facetious."

    "Wit the fuck dis that mean?"

    3. Your packed lunch was always ridiculed as well.

    4. Almost every boy you knew owned a pair of tartan trousers.

    5. You had a LOT of horsey friends.

    6. And some of your friends had rooms just for their toys. / Creative Commons


    7. You wore Hunter wellies and Barbour jackets because they were practical and good quality.

    8. Your friends assumed that because you spoke in a posh accent, you had access to loads of money.

    Giphy / Disney

    *Checks bank balance*

    Available funds: £8.26.


    9. And other people heard your voice and decided you must be a massive douchebag.

    Giphy / 20th Century Fox

    Not all the time.

    10. Marks and Spencer was the retailer of choice for picnics.

    11. The Easter holidays were either exciting, because you were going skiing, or boring, because all your friends were away skiing.

    Giphy / Miramax

    And when you weren't away, you were practising at Aviemore.

    12. You spent a lot of time being driven around in one of these.

    13. Learning to fish and shoot were genuine childhood milestones.

    Channel 4 / BuzzFeed

    They usually meant spending long summer days in the rain.

    14. If you never hear someone say, "But you don't have a Scottish accent!" again, it will be too soon.

    *Reaches for pressure points*

    15. You knew someone who owned peacocks...

    16. ...someone who lived in an actual castle...

    Flickr: hagdorned / Creative Common

    17. ...and someone who had a ridiculous name.


    Like Benedict Cumberbatch.

    18. It wasn't really a surprise if you ended up at the same university as a lot of your school friends.

    19. But despite all these things, you still get offended if someone calls you "posh".

    "Posh? No. How dare you. I don't even own a single peacock."