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21 Painful Struggles All Rural Scottish Kids Will Remember

There was plenty of fresh air, but not much else.

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1. The bumpy journey to school in the Postbus would rattle your bones.

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It also took ages, because you had to go round all the back roads to pick everyone else up too.

2. And "sorry I'm late, there were sheep on the road" was a legitimate excuse.

3. Your parents' solution to boredom was always to tell you to "GO OUTSIDE!"

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Despite the bad weather. In fact you probably spent more time outside than in, especially during the summer holidays.

4. And if you lived on (or near) a farm you'd always get yelled at for climbing on the silage bales.

The greatest climbing frame you will ever know.

5. You'd spend a lot of your time trying to convince your parents to let you adopt the feral animals you found.

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6. It was never a good idea to forget your wellies if you visited a friend.

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You'd have to borrow a pair from one of their family members, which were always at least two sizes too big. And smelled.

7. The house you grew up in was probably a bit lacking in the central heating department.

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Thank god for hot water bottles.

9. Your clothes smelling like shit if they were hung out to dry during slurry-spreading season was a genuine risk.

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"Way to make me into a social pariah, mum."

10. And so was getting attacked by wildlife.

Getting scalped by buzzards isn't much fun.

11. Your first (unpaid) job usually involved explaining things to tourists from towns.

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"What's that cow doing?"

"It's not a cow, it's a bull... and it's trying to have sex with a cow."

12. You were used to trying to cook a meal for four people on one of these.

It was only ever used during the frequent power cuts, never for actual camping.

It was only ever used during the frequent power cuts, never for actual camping.

13. You had to stay on the right side of your parents because they were the only ones who could drive. / Via

And without them, you couldn't go anywhere.

14. Getting a takeaway was a really rare treat, because someone would have to make a half-hour trip to go and collect it.

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"You can have chips or Chinese, all the others are too far away."

15. If you didn't buy the things you wanted during the Saturday food shop, you'd have to wait another week.

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The phrase "just popping out to the shop" did not exist.

16. The introduction of the internet was a wonderful thing, until you realised it was So. Damn. Slow.

17. Going to your nearest town for a new CD or game was the greatest feeling ever.

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18. The people you met on your first day at your tiny primary school stayed with you throughout your school career.

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And probably the rest of your life as well.

19. Trips to the cinema, concerts, or any kind of events were pretty damn rare.


No-one's parents could be arsed to take you. "JUST GO OUTSIDE."

20. Plus your plans were often interrupted by rural life.

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"I can't come out for the whole of March because I'll probably be needed for lambing."

21. So you felt sheer, utter joy when you or one of your friends finally passed their driving test.

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You've never known freedom quite like it, until you realised it was going to cost you ££££s in petrol to get anywhere. Damn it.