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What English People Say Vs What Scottish People Say

Be more honest. Be more direct. Be more Scottish.

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5. When your mate's just passed their driving test.

Iona St. Joseph / BuzzFeed

English people say: "You've passed your driving test? That's great! Well done you!"

Scottish people say: "GAUN YERSEL' HEN!"

6. When you've just been to a kinda gross restaurant. / Via

English people say: "I wouldn't recommend that restaurant, it was filthy."

Scottish people say: "You'd have to pay me to eat at that shit hole again, it was a right clatty midden!"


10. When you need to say "hi".

English people say: "Hi!"

Scottish people say: "Awrite bawbags!"


13. When someone's just lost their temper. / Via

English people say: "He seemed a tad upset."

Scottish people say: "A dinnae ken whit happened, one minute he's fine and the next he took a pure maddy and went aff his heid."

14. When you're trying to tell someone it's fine.

English people say: "That's OK!"

Scottish people say: "Nae danger pal!"

16. When you're remarking on someone's weight loss. / Via

English people say: "You look great, have you lost weight?"

Scottish people say: "Are ye no eating right? Ye dinnae hae enough room inside ye for a rheumatic pain."


18. When you doubt the truth of someone's story.

English people say: "Are you absolutely sure that's correct?"

Scottish people say: "Aye, right," *rolls eyes*